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Giving at its simplest

It's simple to make a donation to your favourite causes using your credit or debit card, PayPal, your CAF Charity Account or CAF Charitable Trust.

When you donate to charity, your name and address will be passed onto the charitable organisation you’re giving to, unless you choose to remain anonymous. Keeping your identity to yourself is easy – simply tick the ‘Donate anonymously’ box when you select your donation amount.

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You can search by name, registered number or keyword.

Do you know someone fundraising for charity?

Change the way you sponsor friends and family with your CAF Charity Account. If a loved one is doing a muddy obstacle run, holding a bake sale to raise money or doing some other activity for charity, it’s easy to show your support.

Simply make a donation direct to their chosen charity and tick the ‘I’m sponsoring a friend’ box.  They’ll receive an email telling them about the donation you’ve made so they can update their offline total. It’s really quick and easy.

And the great thing is, if there’s money already in your account, you won’t need to find extra money to give.
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