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Make a donation using your credit or debit card, PayPal, your CAF Charity Account or CAF Charitable Trust.

When you donate to charity, your name and address will be passed onto the organisation you’re giving to, unless you choose to remain anonymous. Keeping your identity to yourself is easy – simply tick the ‘Donate anonymously’ box when you select your donation amount.

Enter a charity name, charity number or other keyword you would like to search for, we will display a list of all UK charities that match your search criteria, enabling you to donate to the charity of your choice.

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Making a donation - FAQs

Whether you're an existing donor or are considering making a donation, our frequently asked questions can help you to make the most of your giving.

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From ways to donate unwanted gifts, to helping a stranger - we've put together some articles to help you kick-start your giving.

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