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If you’re looking to learn more about philanthropy, or are thinking about investing for social impact, our collection of publications, videos and blog posts offer expert insight into developments in philanthropy and social investment.

We carry out regular research into charitable giving trends, to advance knowledge of effective approaches to philanthropy and ensure that our products and services support your long-term charitable giving goals.

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  • Chameleon
Why talking philanthropy transforms the adviser-client relationship
  • givingworld_54
The world's first global index that ranks nations by how supportive their legal, regulatory and tax frameworks are for charitable giving.
  • Building stones
How young, socially conscious investors balance approaches to philanthropy.
1239E_WebImages_NextGenStar_54x54pxThe Future of Philanthropy
A series of four reports exploring emerging developments within the philanthropy field.

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Philanthropy and the City: Rediscovering The Power Of Purpose

Rhodri Davies from CAF shows why individuals and companies in the City of London would benefit from rediscovering a broader sense of purpose.

Rhodri Davies

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Preview - Next Generation's new approaches to philanthropy by Amy Clarke

Amy Clarke, Head of Private Clients in CAF, offers her vision on how the next generation are pioneering new approaches to philanthropy. Find out more about emerging developments within the philanthropy field.

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Preview - Why social investment is attracting growing interest from funders

Cath Tillotson, Managing Partner of Scorpio Partnership - a strategy and research firm focused on high net worth individuals - talks about the motives behind philanthropic actions amongst these individuals and why social investment is an interesting theme on the current philanthropic market.

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Preview - Why social investment is attracting growing interest from funders

Holly Piper, Head of CAF Venturesome, explains why social investment is attracting growing interest from funders.

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Changing approaches to philanthropy and what they mean for wealthy individuals and their advisors.

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Philanthropy Impact Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine containing articles from professional advisors, individual philanthropists and non-profit leaders.

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