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Spanning six continents, with local experts in nine countries, we help donors create the greatest impact with their giving.


CAF is a leading international not-for-profit organisation, originating in the UK, that works to make giving more effective and charities more successful.

Operating globally, CAF harnesses local knowledge and expertise to support sustainable giving around the world. We work with over 7,000 companies and manage over £2.5 billion for donors and charities, supporting over 50,000 non-profit organisations and social enterprises in over 100 countries. 


Spanning six continents, with services provided by local experts in nine countries, we help donors - including individuals, major donors and companies - to create the greatest impact with their giving.

We do this by working globally to increase the flow of funds to the charity and non-profit sectors through the provision of philanthropy products and services, whilst providing fundraising solutions and support for charities internationally.

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We believe that our knowledge, experience and the locations in which we operate helps to give us a clearer picture of how giving can be most effective and what needs to be done to create a more enabling environment for donations to grow. This ability to draw on the perspectives of individuals, not-for-profits, wealthy donors and companies gives us the credibility to speak to governments and - through research and advocacy - influence the international conversation on giving.

Everyone who uses our services is supporting us in our mission of “Motivating society to give ever more effectively, helping to transform lives and communities around the world”.

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Creating impact through global philanthropy

By working with donors, the CAF Global Alliance has helped make a real difference to charities of all sizes around the world.

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Beyond Integrity explores how some companies across the world are going above and beyond their traditional role to protect civil society.

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The CAF World Giving Index is a leading study on global generosity. It provides a picture of charitable behaviour around the world.