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Unlocking the true potential of philanthropy to support a thriving civil society.

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What is the CAF Global Alliance?

The CAF Global Alliance is a leading international network of independent and locally-led organisations working at the forefront of philanthropy and civil society.

We work together to build a generosity movement locally and globally, motivating society to give ever more effectively and helping to transform lives and communities around the world

What’s our vision?

We imagine a world built on shared values, with a vibrant and independent civil society, where sustainable giving makes a real difference to those in need.

Our international approach to giving

Impact of Giving

South Africa Giving 2019

Our research reveals key facts on civic participation and giving trends in South Africa.

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Brazil Giving 2019

Our research reveals the key facts and trends of charitable giving in Brazil.

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Russia image

Russia Giving 2019

Our research reveals the key facts and trends in charitable giving in Russia.

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As a champion for better giving, we’re passionate about inspiring a global generosity movement to help resolve some of this generation’s most pressing issues.

1 Laying the groundwork for giving in fast-growing economies

We catalyse and strengthen philanthropy at the national level in fast-growing economies to increase local resources for local civil society.

We’ve identified an extraordinary opportunity to transform civil society. Up to 2.4 billion people around the world could enter relative affluence for the first time. With this new spending power, up to $319 billion a year could be generated for civil society if 0.5% of their spending went to charitable causes (see our Groundwork for Growing Giving report)

By investing in and working with organisations rooted in local communities, we’ve come to understand the policy environment and can influence Government departments to make changes to the regulatory environment — building trust in charitable giving and making it easier to give, and helping civil society to thrive.

2 Growing cross-border giving

From our network, we enable donors in the Global North to maximise their donations by sending their funds direct to civil society organisations.

With more people wanting to give internationally, it’s crucial that their experience is simple, secure and tax-effective. With our range of products, and experience in supporting global philanthropy, we can help individuals, companies and foundations make the most of their giving — wherever they are.


By working with donors, the CAF Global Alliance has helped make a real difference to charities of all sizes. Read our case studies to find out more about the projects we've been involved with.


Are you an experienced organisation that serves and supports the philanthropy sector? Are you looking to join a leading global network working at the forefront of philanthropy? Do you share our vision for a sustainable and resilient civil society? 

What can the CAF Global Alliance offer you?

Share knowledge

Access to global experts

The ability to exchange ideas and share knowledge with your peers.

A strong culture of giving

Innovative products and services to help individual and corporate giving.

A global and local understanding of giving

Gain unique sector insight through our international research and Giving Thought think tank.

Understanding and influence

The potential to influence public policy through advocacy initiatives.


Partner with us to build a resilient and sustainable infrastructure for the future of civil society.

We’re looking for partners who share our passion for philanthropy to collaborate and strengthen civil society.

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Global Alliance Case Studies

By working with donors, the CAF Global Alliance has helped make a real difference to charities of all sizes.

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