Scale your corporate social responsibility ambitions 

Are you maximising the impact of your corporate philanthropy budget?

Our newly formed Impact Accelerator team supports businesses with bespoke advice and ways to deliver giving that has more meaningful, visible impact. Join the team, over a series of three short webinars, to learn how your business can scale up its corporate social responsibility ambitions and achieve best practice in corporate giving.

Webinar 1: Social investment: a social and financial return for your giving   

Tuesday 21 March, 11:00-11:45am (GMT) 

Using our Social Business Impact Programme (SPIB) as a case study, this webinar will bring to life the impact social investment can have.

Join us in conversation with our partners and beneficiaries of the programme for a session that uncovers how it plans to help minority-led social organisations to grow their business, employ more people and make a social impact in communities in Greater London.

Who's on the panel? 

  • Ashling Cashmore, Head of Impact & Advisory, CAF
  • Anoushka Amin, Investment Manager, Venturesome, CAF – SBIP programme manager
  • Dirk Bischof, CEO, Hatch Enterprise – SBIP programme delivery partner
  • Sukai Ecclestone – Founder & Director, CasildART – SBIP beneficiary
  • Korinna Williams – CEO, Shadow to Shine – SBIP beneficiary

What you will learn

  • How to fund social investments that support social enterprises, charities and community organisations to sustain and grow their impact all over the UK.
  • Why blended finance (a loan and grant package) is so impactful for social enterprises and charities
  • How social investment can complement and enhance existing corporate giving plans
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Webinar 2: Strategic grantmaking: create value and drive social change  

Wednesday 19 April, 14:00-14:30pm (GMT) 

Grantmaking is more than a donation. It’s an opportunity to create wider value and help drive social change. And by taking a strategic approach to grantmaking, your business can make a vital difference to society.

Join our grantmaking team in this session to learn about an exemplar in strategic grantmaking: the Lung Ambition Alliance’s Initiatives in Lung Cancer Care grant programme.

Who's on the panel? 

  • Ashling Cashmore, Head of Impact & Advisory, CAF
  • Charlotte Burke, Grantmaking Manager, CAF
  • David LeDuc, Director, Oncology Patient Affairs, AstraZeneca

What you will learn

  • The benefits to designing a grantmaking programme that aligns with your business strategy and reflects what is important to your stakeholders
  • Why developing multiple partnerships for grantmaking programmes can extend their reach and impact
  • How grantmaking can enable civil society organisations to develop, test, and scale up innovations for greater impact
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Webinar 3: Impact advisory: build a tangible impact strategy

Wednesday 21 June, 14:00-14:40pm (BST) 

Building an impact strategy, aligned to your business model and wider organisational goals, is key to delivering more impact with your corporate giving.

In this session we will cover how to create impact-led corporate social responsibility and sustainability programmes that create maximum value for both your business and society. We'll be joined by Smiths Group Plc who will share reflections on their own impact strategy journey.

Who's on the panel? 

  • Philippa Cornish, Head of Corporate Clients, CAF
  • Samantha Reyes Ronso, Senior Advisor, CAF
  • Hannah Constantine, Associate General Counsel, Corporate & M&A and Director of Legal, Smiths Group Plc

What you will learn

  • Why building an impact strategy through a collaborative approach is a key success factor
  • How a well-defined impact strategy can support your business purpose and become integral to it, instead of being just a 'nice to have'
  • Why a clearly defined strategy is critical when demonstrating impact to your stakeholders in the mid and long-term
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Who is this impact webinar series for?

  • Heads of / Managers in community investment communications, sustainability, CSR roles.
  • Individuals who are responsible for turning policies into practice at forward-looking and ambitious businesses looking to drive positive change.