UK Giving Report 2023

Methodology provided by Pro Bono Economics 

The cash value of donations is derived from CAF/YouGov survey data, which is collected monthly and covers a sample of 90,432 adults. Total donations within the sample are calculated by multiplying the proportion who say they made a donation and/or sponsored someone in the last four weeks by the mean amount involved. Monthly totals are then grossed up to cover the UK population and summed across the year to provide a calendar year total. These nominal figures are then inflation-adjusted using the CPI, with the totals expressed in terms of Q1 2023 prices.

We establish an alternative real-terms series adjusting for full-year 2023 prices instead by supplementing the Q1 2023 outturn CPI data with the Q2-Q4 2023 projected CPI specified by the OBR in its March 2023 Economic and Fiscal Outlook.